Hotel Kalliohovi

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Kalliokatu 25, 26100 Rauma
+358 283 881



At this moment we can offer you 3 different meeting rooms

From our facilities you will find  modern amenities including wireless internet, flatscreens with pc connections and other equipments.


Diplomat table for 24 persons. Also other shapes for tables available. Perfect for celebrations and representation dinings.


Big table for 12 people. Perfect for smaller daily meetings.


Iltaravintola Kalliohovi's space is available for rent for your events! Wheater you need space for a large meeting or birthday party, this space is very versatile. Please, make an enquiry!

Make the inquiry

Make an inquiry for our hotel here. We will answer as soon as possible. You can make room reservation also through our reservation system from your left. You can also senf feedback to us but we recommend the use of our hotel's feedback systen, link also at your left.

Good rooms and very good shower, it is clean and the restaurant has a good breakfast and the dinner is good too. The old city is very old with bad maintenance, you have to look very well to find some paint onthe wood of the buildings.

Ellebartus, Makkum, The Netherlands –