The atmospheric restaurant Kapteeninhuone is a classic of the locals where good food and company are enjoyed in a marine setting. The heart of the traditional restaurant kitchen is the charcoal grill, where our chefs prepare seasonal delicacies from land, sea and air.


Charcoal grill

Our charcoal grill “Sylvi” is the heart of our kitchen. Our chefs prepare sizzling steaks and fish dishes in the burning heat of the grill.

Head Chef

Our Head Chef Mikko Peltola wishes all guests welcome to the maritime atmosphere of Restaurant Kapteeninhuone. “Good food is pleasure for all senses. Beautiful presentation, stunning smell, even how the dish sounds like, create the ensemble.”



Restaurant Kapteeninhuone is like a classy salon of a ship. Round ship windows, paintings and miniature sailing ships create maritime atmosphere. Sit on a leather couch and relax. Captain’s orders: Let’s eat well!